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Looking at the current COVID-19 pandemic, one can quickly be overwhelmed with stress and frustration. The situation looks dire. Business owners across the world are facing a crisis, the likes of which we've never seen before.

Although the situation is challenging, to say the least, all is not lost. This time of crisis presents a massive opportunity for the simple reason that competitors are dropping out of the race. This means that right now, advertising is both cheaper than ever and it's easier to stand out. Combine this with the weapon of Brand Equity and your business might not just survive this time, but perhaps thrive.

I've been studying marketing and branding for most of my professional career. I'll share the studies with you on what businesses have done in past recessions, how that applies to you today, and what you can do to ensure survival during COVID-19 and beyond. We'll look at this immediate crisis and the potential recession to follow. I'll help you lay out what you can do in each phase.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover what businesses can do right now depending on the industries they find themselves in
  • Learn what successful businesses have done in past recessions and times of crisis
  • Uncover how you can use advertising and brand equity to your advantage
  • Walk away with valuable resources to help you make the most of your "downtime"

About this webinar
This workshop will incorporate a Q&A section. Although not required, you can maximize your experience by doing some research ahead of time, and coming prepared with specific questions.

Content Type:
Live Webinar
90 mins
Chris Schoonbee
28 May 2020
11:00AM PST

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About Chris

Chris Schoonbee is the Principal Consultant at DigitalCroow. As a marketing and brand strategist, he helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses through clearly defining their business identity and message. His expertise is in strategy, but he's studied everything from applied psychology, business management to web development and
graphic design.

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