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Helping A Brand Expand Its Product Suite And Adapt To A New Threat

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Sep 2020
Digital Product Development


Sales Boomerang is a Fintech company based in the US that provides Automated Business and Customer Intelligence to the Lending Industry. Servicing various financial institutions such as banks, retail mortgage lenders, retail mortgage lenders and direct to consumer lenders, they have quickly risen to be one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the USA. They aim to help every borrower secure the right loan for them, all the while helping their customers to stay ahead of the rest. With the help of Sales Boomerang, their clients have seen 20X ROI and have an average borrower retention rate of a whopping 65%.

The Problem

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, their clients were faced with new challenges. Now with the threat of an economic crisis looming on the horizon, the financial institutions who use Sales Boomerang were losing borrowers and money. Something had to be done to help their clients. Considering all the lockdown regulations in place, it had to be a unique offering that would enable these business clients to stop the profit leak. The solution: a high-end online seminar and challenge that would equip the clients with the right tools to improve retention rates. DigitalCroow was brought in to ensure that this new offering would fit with the existing brand while being visually distinct from their other products. It had to appeal to their target market and they needed help making that happen.

The Approach

Discovery: As with all DigitalCroow projects, we started with initial research and discovery. Since we were short on time, discovery had to be condensed to a few days at most. We started with identifying KPI’s with the client, getting an overview of the target market and understanding the deeper needs.

Timeline and Mockups: Once we went through our discovery phase we were able to settle on a timeline that worked for both us and the client, all the while working on mockups for the challenge visuals. The most important aspect of this was the type mark for the challenge and visual concept since the printing process was dependent on these being finalised.

Implementation: Once mockups were finalised and final approvals were given, we completed the most important visual elements first before moving on to the rest of the challenge elements. All in all, the project was completed in a timely manner and the client was very pleased with the work.


This new challenge/seminar now serves as a top of the funnel lead magnet to educate and onboard new prospects into the Sales Boomerang ecosystem. By all accounts, the content within the challenge has served the clients of Sales Boomerang well as they navigated through the various lockdown measures in the USA. Since the launch, this new digital product has helped generate approximately $192,000 in annual topline recurring revenue.

"Have you ever worked with "make it happen" people? Chris and the Digital Croow team consistently "made it happen" on our project with great turnaround.  The design was cohesive across all of the design elements.  As a forerunner in the mortgage-tech SaaS space, this precision was paramount, and Chris over-delivered.  His intuition as a brand expert helped us identify needs prior to asking, which proved very helpful and time-saving! Needless to say, we'll be utilizing Chris again, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to execute a branding and design strategy with confidence." Pablo Troncoso (Director of Training and Development at Sales Boomerang)

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