About DigitalCroow

We are a boutique consulting firm specialising in marketing and brand strategy.

Years in Marketing

About The Firm

DigitalCroow is a boutique consulting firm specialising in marketing and brand strategy. We solve complex business problems and help answer complicated questions. The small specialist nature of our firm means that your project is not handed off to some junior minions, but handled by experienced experts to ensure you get a return on your investment. We have been operating since 2018 and in that time we've helped different sized clients in several industries, including tech startups, medical service providers, large tourism corporations, and many more. Our clients have come to trust us with their most important marketing issues, from marketing budget optimization to competitive market analysis.

We are based in Namibia, which means that we are in the perfect position to help clients both domestically and internationally. Our central location means that we can work seamlessly with companies across time zones.


What We Believe

Data + Intuition

The best decisions are made using a combination of empirical evidence and intuition.

Results Driven

The value of our engagments are determined by results achieved, not reports generated or number of analyses performed.


We believe that honesty and integrity pay dividends in the long term.


We want to help implement change, not generate reports that gather dust on your shelves.


About Chris

Although we make extensive use of industry experts, we keep our operation lean. As such Chris is the only "full time" DigitalCroow consultant. Chris co-founded DigitalCroow back in 2018 and has since taken over as the principal consultant. He's been practising marketing for over 5 years now and continues to study and learn from the top marketing and business experts.

Chris is a total nerd when it comes to business and marketing. He believes that his work is multidisciplinary and that there is a lot of value in bringing other fields like behavioural economics, marketing effectiveness, psychology, etc... to bear on business problems.

Past Clients

Some Amazing Clients We've Worked With

“Have you ever worked with "make it happen" people? Chris and the Digital Croow team consistently "made it happen" on our project with great turnaround.  The design was cohesive across all of the design elements.  As a forerunner in the mortgage-tech SaaS space, this precision was paramount, and Chris over-delivered.  His intuition as a brand expert helped us identify needs prior to asking, which proved very helpful and time-saving! Needless to say, we'll be utilizing Chris again, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to execute a branding and design strategy with confidence.“

Pablo Troncoso
Director of Training and Development at Sales Boomerang