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Consulting Services

Answering Complex Questions

Brand Strategy

"How can we expand our brand portfolio while maintaining strong brand equity?"

Marketing Strategy

"How do we grow our business and increase market share?"

Digital Transformation

How can we utilise new digital channels to grow our business and brand?

Customer Experience

"How can we amaze new customers and create a unique brand experience?"


"What should we charge for our new products?"

Budget Optimisation

"How do we spend our marketing dollars more effectively?"

About DigitalCroow

A Consulting Firm Specialising In Brand And Marketing Strategy

We help clients around the world grow their businesses and solve complex business problems. We work as a small team of specialists that help you grow your business. We're not a huge firm that hands over your project to junior minions. We're a hands-on team that works on your project from strategy to implementation and keeps working with you after the strategy has been formulated to ensure successful implementation.

We help organisations create greater success for their businesses. We can bring a new perspective to your team, based on a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour and marketing effectiveness. We believe that the best solutions are found at the intersection of data and experience. By combining hard empirical evidence with expert intuition, our clients not only get the best solutions but save time and money in the process.

Chris Schoonbee
Founder and Principal COnsultant
The DigitalCroow Process

Getting You A Return On Your Investment

1. Initial Meeting

Once you schedule an appointment, we'll get together and get an idea of the specific issues you wish to address.

2. Proposal

Based on our initial hypothesis, we'll lay out a proposal detailing your options as well as a plan of action.

3. Market Orientation

Once you've approved the proposal, we'll start gathering data on your market. We'll be making use of previous research and conducting our own where necessary.

4. Analysis

Once all the data we need has been gathered, our team will sit down and analyse the data to see what it's telling us.

5. Presentation

From our analysis, we'll present our findings to your team and give you a chance to evaluate any next steps.

6. Implementation

If you are satisfied with the recommendations you've been given, we'll commence with any implementation work we've agreed upon.

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If you're tired of your current state of business, let's chat! We pride ourselves on giving our clients professional help. This means, that if we can't actually help you, we won't charge you a cent.


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“Have you ever worked with "make it happen" people? Chris and the Digital Croow team consistently "made it happen" on our project with great turnaround.  The design was cohesive across all of the design elements.  As a forerunner in the mortgage-tech SaaS space, this precision was paramount, and Chris over-delivered.  His intuition as a brand expert helped us identify needs prior to asking, which proved very helpful and time-saving! Needless to say, we'll be utilizing Chris again, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to execute a branding and design strategy with confidence.“

Pablo Troncoso
Director of Training and Development at Sales Boomerang